Step 1


Record your footage using a phone or camera

Step 2


Send it to us by e-mail, WeTransfer or Whatsapp

Step 3


We'll place your footage in the national press and online media outlets, making sure you get paid every time it's used

Sell your video to the press and make sure you get paid every time it is used. We’re looking for every type of video, but the following sell the best:

  • Breaking news videos
  • Newsworthy footage
  • Wacky, incredible, never-before-seen footage
  • Loving and memorable moments
  • Everything from cat videos to natural disasters

We know what makes a good story and will always make sure you get the best price for your video. Our friendly team can talk you through the process and make sure you get paid for your material.

Send us your footage, photos or story and we will contact you to let you know if it can be used. We will never share your story without speaking to you first.

Submit a video to the press


You can send your video via your mobile, attach them to an e-mail, or send them to us via WeTransfer.vdo down arrow - Sell My Video

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Send your video for review right here (nothing will be used without your permission).