Terms of service

When you submit a pictures or video to us you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in as stated below. If you do not want to be bound by this contract please read below.* This contract is between Triangle News and the contributing photographer or videographer. All queries should be directed to contact@localhost

Please ensure that you are not breaking any laws when taking the footage and/or video. Your safety is of the upmost importance so please do not put yourself in any danger.

  • Triangle News will keep your byline on your pictures or video.
  • Bylines will be shown as Triangle News / yourname unless otherwise agreed
  • You retain copyright of your pictures or videos, by submitting your video you are agreeing to license distribution rights to Triangle News
  • You confirm that you are the photographer and copyright holder.
  • You confirm you haven’t broken any law to obtain the pictures or video.
  • Triangle News aims to pay any monies owed within six weeks of publication
  • In order to secure the best fees you must not share your picture or video to any other publication or agency.
  • All agreements can be ended either within 1 hour of submission or 28 days after*. Once you’ve submitted a video
  • The video and/or picture will be assessed by our trained journalists to see if it would be appropriate to publish.
  • If suitable one of our journalists will contact you to discuss the story in more detail.
  • Since news can be fast it may be that you see your video or picture online quickly
  • We may share your pictures or video via https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5zICpdgvGRsxQoJj8hhezw
  • In the event that your picture gets published we will normally contact you to let you know.

Here are a few FAQ’s which we have tried answer:

You will always retain the copyright for you images or video, unless we agree otherwise. You are entering into a licence to allow Triangle news to distribute your content.
Your images and/or video can sometimes be used straight away. It is impossible to inform you in advance if any images are going into print.
In most situations you can expect to receive £10-25 per photo and newspapers pay £50-150 but prices vary according to a number of factors. For some situations we offer a syndication deal where you get paid 50% of any sales we can make of your picture or video, sometimes we’ll buy syndication rights to a photograph for a set fee. Sometimes there are reasons why we can’t offer any payment, for example if it would be in breach of the Bribery Act or if it would against the PCC guidelines. If you are not sure please speak to your contact at Triangle News.
All payment will be attempted to be completed with six weeks of publication. We can not make guarantees as to when payments will be made as we are sometimes at the will of the publications. The value at which a photograph or video is worth depends on the content, however our trained journalist will be able to guide you as to what to expect.
It is essential that your video or image is solely with Triangle News. This is in order to protect the value of your product and to ensure that you receive full payment. This is of particular importance if we are securing exclusive rights to a publisher.
We work with respectable publishing outlets who will come to us for permission to use our content. However it is impossible to stop some online media outlets stealing copyrighted content from approved publishers and publishing on their page/channel/website. We do our best to chase all payments and I would advise that if you see a site that has done this to let us know.
Once you have submitted your picture and/or video you have one hour ‘cooling-off’ period in order to contact us. As with the pace of news we will attempt to recall your images/video but can not guarantee the removal of your content. After this stage you can always give us 28 days notice for working with your content. You will still get paid for any publications we have secured. To do this please either call 0203 176 5581 or email contact@localhost. Triangle News is a Limited Company, our address is B102 Parkhall Business Centre, 40 Martell Road, London. SE21 8EN”

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